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!style=color:white;background:grey|Star Cup
!style=color:white;background:grey|Star Cup
|style=text-align:center;background:lightgrey|[[GBA Snow Land (ChaosShadow23)|GBA Snow Land]] • [[GBA Ribbon Road (ChaosShadow23)|GBA Ribbon Road]] • GBA Yoshi Desert '''(in progress)'''
|style=text-align:center;background:lightgrey|[[GBA Snow Land (ChaosShadow23)|GBA Snow Land]] • [[GBA Ribbon Road (ChaosShadow23)|GBA Ribbon Road]] • [[GBA Yoshi Desert (ChaosShadow23)|GBA Yoshi Desert]]
!style=color:white;background:grey|Special Cup
!style=color:white;background:grey|Special Cup

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