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Page split for Volcanic Skyway II

State of the Art: There are different tracks, that were remade by the same author(s) or by other authors(s): Each remake of a original track (with some few exceptions) has an own page in this Wiiki for a good reason: An own page allows clearly dedicated discussions and bug logs. The history is also very clear.

Then we have a custom track made by A, and a remake made by B. Why not handle it like remakes of Nintendo tracks with a own page for each remake? Each page can have successor and predecessor links to the other page, so that every visitor can follow the creation progress.

Then we have remake of custom tracks by the same owner like Volcanic Skyway or Autumn Leavesway. So we have 2 or more branches with different characteristics that share the same name. Both branches get independent updates an some people like the old branches more than the new one. In my opinion, we should split the pages for all branches and give the new versions of the track a suffix like »II«.

Let's look from the position of a visitor, who doesn't know details about a track. He usually load the last version. With only one page he has never a chance to get a complete other track with the same name. But 2 pages show up the difference more clearly.

Now we have an example and can discuss it here!

-- Wiimm (talk) 18:00, 18 February 2018 (UTC)