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Discord: Tails Craft #5442
About me

Hello, my name is TailsCraft, I like to make textures, custom characters and custom tracks, I'm not as professional as other people, but I do my best to be satisfied with my creations. (What else is next?... well, I will update my info in the future) I hope you enjoy my mods :)


If you are thinking of creating an update or modifying some of my mods, PLEASE write to me first before editing any details about my mods. So we'll talk about the situation and I'll see if I approve or not.

By the same author: TailsCraft

Custom Characters:

Retro Characters:
Baby Rosalina

Character Edits:
Toad GuardBaby Peach College EdemDrill PeachBaby Daisy Nezuko

Texture hacks:
Dark Baby PeachHead HonchoSweet DaytripperWild PinkSwift JackWild BlackGold BlooperWildfire FlyerStar-Spangled FlyerGold Cheep Charger

My Custom Tracks:
Big Tree Circuit

Retro Tracks Recreation:
SNES Mario Circuit 3 (MK8DX)