Tina's Good Track Pack

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Tina's Good Track Pack
Author: Tinaphromad
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 251 custom tracks,
104 retro tracks,
32 original tracks
Arenas: 10
Version: v2.02
Date of latest version: 2024-05-19
Download: Google Drive
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Tina's Good Track Pack is a custom track distribution created by Tinaphromad. The distribution was created with a heavy focus on Time Trials. The author planned to finish it in September, but got tired after working on it for two months. It contains all retro tracks from Super Mario Kart to Mario Kart 7, Wii U Bone-Dry Dunes, Wii U Animal Crossing, and SW Yoshi's Island, as well as the best custom tracks he could find from the Wiiki and the Custom Track Jam competition series. The distribution also contains custom music for most custom tracks and all retro tracks. v1.0 was made using Custom Track Distribution Maker, but in v2.0, it was switched to be made in Pulsar along with all of its benefits, such as a cleaner UI, author credits and 200cc with a custom-made code.pul file for fast falling. The author plans to update the distribution occasionally for any new tracks or ideas.


v2.02 Time Trial of Empty Space (Dolphin)


The track list for v2.01 can be found here.


Feature Author Information
Double Dash UI DarkyBenji Replaces the standard Mario Kart Wii UI with Mario Kart: Double Dash!!''s UI because the author thought it looked cooler.
Delfino (Font) AltairYoshi Replaces the standard Mario Kart Wii font with the font used in many Mario games such as Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy to fit more with the aesthetic of the distribution.
Blue HUD Star Changes the menu selection during races and outline borders of some menu boxes' color from yellow to blue to be more coherent with the Double Dash UI.
Break Drifting stebler Holding B while drifting allows you to slow down while drifting. Essential in tight corners or when using vehicles with a low drift stat.
Ultra Mini-Turbos Melg Karts are able to generate a third level of mini-turbo.
200cc Melg An engine class with a 1.5× speed boost compared to 150cc. It is also playable in Time Trial mode. The fast falling magnitude was altered to be similar to CTGP Revolution.
Feather CLF78 Make you jump like in Super Mario Kart or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe when using it. Ignores invisible walls while active. It replaces the Blooper.
Mega Cloud acaruso When struck by a Thunder Cloud, you will have a Mega Mushroom effect rather than shrinking.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2023-10-08 First release
v2.0 2024-05-09
v2.01 2024-05-09 Added Infernal Pipeyard.
v2.02 2024-05-19
By the same author: Tinaphromad

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Tina's Good Track Pack