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Authors Comment

GCN Bowser's Castle

  • Actual version: FR2/v2 (Released : 12/05/2012)
  • Projet Started: 11/22/2010

What FR mean? it mean Final Release (and no France / french ect lol) it simply to tell that Public release and not only on demand :3
What new on FR2/ v2 : Glitch correction!
HP effect Fix.
Less lag on multiplayer.



Todo List:


General Map model 100%
Chandelears 100%
Transitions 100%
Boost pad 100%
Lava 100%
Dead Trees 100%
Mountain with Eyes 100%
General Transparancy 100%
General Animation 100%
HP Effect Fixed 100%


Create New MDL0 model 100%


Start Position 100%
Ennemie/item Route 100%
Route 100%
Area 100%
Cam Intro 1 100%
Cam Intro 2 100%
Cam Intro 3 100%
Cam Ending 100%
Checkpoint 100%
Respawn 100%
Waluigi Stadium Fire ring 100%
Thwomp 100%
Flame Pole 100%
Fire Balls 100%
Koopa Figure 100%
Koopa Ball 100%
Itembox Place 100%
EnvFire 100%


Sound Trigger (Bowser's howl) 100%
Small Jump (the on of 360°) 100%
Big Jump (Last one) 100%
Pocha 100%
PochaYogan (1) 100%
PochaYogan (2) 100%
Sound Distortion (activate multi brstm channel.) 100%
Sound "echo" 100%


Maintain it clean 100%


(Legend : "UP" = Updated/ "+" = Added/ "-" = Deleted / "M" = Modded / ~ = Modded but got a problem) / "TD" Added to my ToDo List

+ Updated files to get mentionned aboves.
+ Rotated spike on the castle (GCN_Gear polygone)
M Fixed ending cams.
M Brres to fix a texture (miplv 2 of the bowser head on carpet is in wrong direction)
info: I will aply that when home as a r2.1.

+ Released with all my problem mentionned fixed.
M KCL/Brres
+ Customs Animations (not copy pasted I would tell ^^)
+ Custom hexedited CLR0 for VRCorn to be green like on Gamecube
+ and minor add on Brres so you can enjoy some new things.
Like Bowser head ;)
Info : Baoulettes : Hope you will like it that a huge amount of work for me you can not imagine ;).
and thanks a lot Wiimm for all you did ;)
M KCL to prevent glitch, Fixed carpet sound, Stair fixed.
+ Vrcorn "like" the one in GCN.
+ brres got all animation working Fine.
+ easter egg inside the map.
+ Doing Last test before release

+ Animation on the BRRES (went at 3.37mb now 1.8~mb)
M Soon FR1 will be the past!
M KCL in on the road.
Thank you very much Wiimm!
And again Thanks to Cyther my special tester =3
so , Soon i will release a new version that will add all animation and delete every lags and HP effects.
GCN Bowser's Castle

  • Actual version: FR1 (Released : 03/10/2011) - Soon FR2
  • Projet Started: 11/22/2010

What FR mean? it mean Final Release (and no France / french ect lol) it simply to tell that Public release and not only on demand :3
What FR2 will countain:
Improved brres (no more lag)
No more HP Effect
Lava / Water / boost pad animation in One brres!

+ Animation (only some fix to bo done and then done.
M KCL will be reworked to have correct sound and effect.

+ Added Animation for Lava / Boost pad* / Purple Lava*.
+ No more HP Effect
- Lag in Multiplayer!
Info boost pad and purple lava need some fix :).

info : Lag on 2 - 3 - 4 if you use multiple custom high poly chars. (tbh I don't support it)
+ Darker REALLY darker map!
+Freeze Fixed (thx Wiimm)
+"_d" Version of map with smaller texture size to prevent any futur lags.
-Darker map <- i have to redo it but much darker like GCN original map.
Info: I tried the map on VS 2 - 3 - 4 player and no lag.
Once the light will be fixed I will release the map ;)
- all Taimatsu.
- light system polygone.
- all flamepole_v_big / flamepole_v
info: If it doesn't load then i really didn't know how to fix it.
+Fixed KCL you should be able to see it but added many invisible Wall.
+FlamePole_v_big got a request to add it back.
- some taimatsu cause of freeze but need testing.
~ the szs. It now freeze when i want to go away from course.
+Fireballs totally added
+Fixed KCL sound (got little complain that I fixed now ;))
+Some visual fix unoticable I think that better for me.
+Fixed some CAM at the ending to make it more "Mario Kart"
+Added a first cam that show player greeting at end of course.
+Normalized SZS for better gesture and size.
- Flame_pole_v and Flame_pole_v_big from KMP.
- Flame_pole_v.brres and effect folder from SZS.
+ All cams done.
- FirePole for make them FireBalls.
+ Last camera done ! now let met the finish camera (I have the entire plan made already just have to take axe and make zone with right Pivot.)
+ almost all cam done still some bug that i don't really know how to fix and why they are here.
+ CPU param for harder CPUs
+ Some item/ennemy route fix.
+ Now Lava/Water/Boost Pad are lighter.
+ second camera done!
+ last camera almost done.
+ first camera for intro done.
+ second camera for intro almost done
+ last camera for intro almost done
Up here a screen of my first camera test in game:[6]
+ some new section on KMP %
+ a camera done. (that implique to have route and area done with it.
TD : 2 Camera Intro. and Ending camera.
Info: These cameras for intro will be inspired from GCN BC (the original map) but not an EXACT replic.
+ no more ANY freeze.
+ No more ending camera in wall they just follow kart sorry can't make complexe on in such low time.
- Intro Camera I have to remade them :p
- Get ride of camera (don't have time to fix them)
UP I am keep trying to get it without freeze. I can't release till there a freeze.
~ Modified Light system (darker map.)
Before : [7]
After : [8]
But make freeze on certain wii. (I fixing it once fixed I will release the map.)
here a compare screen [9]
+ Added unanimated sky to prevent max HP effect.
M Brres: all HP effect I could fix is fixed.
~ Chains have HP effect but can't seem to fix it Oo.
M Brres: Hp fix almost done. only two or three Hp effect left :3.
M KCL: Some fix like : Ultra cut before KoopaFigure (you was able to cut through the "Noeffect" wall.)
+ Twromps sound are now zone can't be heard from the entire map.
+ Koopa Figure sound are now zone can't be heard from start point for exemple.
+ Koopa Balls sound are now zone can't be heard from start point for exemple.
+ Modified the lava texture (the new one is Perfect.
+ Starting Brres work (HP fix.) + Made a plan for new Checkpoint and Respawn.
UP Release planed for the 27th. (French time so don't ask me at 1am :3). (can be earlier if I fix it faster for sure :3).
+ Taimatsu on Chandelear and light spot.
+ Fixed some KMP stuff
+ Added new item [10]
+ Added wall effect on the new item.
+ Added wall effect on "koopaFirebar" socle.
+ Fixed every single kcl bug i have found.
TD Tomorow I will update the brres to a recent one I got on max :)
+ I can say Good Bye KCL , It's now done, All pocha fixed :3 (thanks for support)
+ Let start the KMP.
+ Some KCL analyse :
BC WII Fallboudary source:

0x10 V012 -> V00A -> V002 = Y 9198,609
0x10 V00A -> V002 = Y 7457
0x10 V022 - > V01A -> V012 -> V00A -> V002 = Y 7457
0x10 V01A -> V012 -> V00A -> V002 = Y 10132,72
0x10 V002 = Y 4813,282


FFFF0000 = V002 = Y 4813,282
FFFF0001 = V00A = Y 7457
FFFF0002 = V012 = Y 9198,609
FFFF0003 = V01A = Y 10132,72
FFFF0004 = V022 = Y 7457

So mine should :

0x10 V002 = Y 7048,078
0x10 V00A = Y 10558,08


FFFF0000 = V002 = Y 7048,078
FFFF0001 = V00A = Y 10558,08

But it doesn't work. If any have idea told me please :3.
+ created Screen section.
+ added some screen. (if any have screen add them if you want.)
+ KCL is almost done! only pocha for lava to fix and it's good!
+ Okay all are Ready, KCL should be soon Done (tomorow?) all needed value are found and I know how they work.
+ Soon KMP cleaning comming :3
+ Bowser Howl
+ Fixed one Pochayogan
+ allmost all sound trigger work as it should
+ Currently Sound Trigger doesn't work in CTGPR slot but be patient when it will gcn bc will got them (on original BC Wii slot it will)
UP the map will be BC wii slot exclusive.
M allmost all the kcl :3
+ Fixed Water Pocha!
+ added one pochayogan only one left!
+ Every variant for road (like wood ect ect ect lol :p)
M Fixed Stairs no more bump. even with muchroom you don't get bumped.
~ got weird bug all pocha got deleted lol
+ Stairs with better KCL.
+ Marbles have such a great sound (the one with "echo" on Coconut Mall.
+ Tree are now a Wall.
+ Every where you think a bananes can stand it can. (no more stupid invisible wall.)
+ Carpet have other sound than the road.
+ Metal sound on the Anzen.
+ Wall colision no sound on Chains.
+ Chandelear Wall colision (can put bananes on it too but you will need incredible luck for that lol.) + Low jump is perfect no more fucked jump.
+ Water with Pocha Perfect.
+ Lava Pocha (need small work on it.)
+ You run on some logical part you wouldn't before.
+ Posteffect with more fire environement.
+ Course.0 with some info added about the SZS.
+ Fixed EVERY single bug the KCL had. (big turn ect ect.)
+ Initial KCL work Started.
+ Pocha / PochaYogan x2 (Splash effect)
- Older KCL forget it. I totaly deleted it and work on new bases.
+ Fixed EVERY Uv map that I was able to find IN game.
M Transition , Fixed every transition to make them more natural In game.
M Chandalear and Lamp spot group , there now one group only.
+ Taken every coordinate need for KMP on a .txt (yep I had missed it)
+ Tested in game and yes it ready to have animation it wait only it.
+ I think there will not be anymore update untill i can do animation sorry cause KCL sufer the same problem need updated soft. And Kmp is already good and playable like it.
UP Transition is not Done!
M GCN_Kabe polygone UV mapping fix.
+ Little comment :P (imagine that was the start of the project: [11]First show] )
TD Found a way to use only one pocha, (no more pocha/pochamori needed)
UP Transition in brres almost done one left.
UP Fixed Carpet - Brick - Transition levels.
+ Backup of Map (one on ftp one in iphone and one on my supercard so I m sure.)
+ Chandelear.
+ Lamp Spots.
+ New thing in Legend.
UP Repair the transition (the one before the startline.) only one left =)
UP Repair the KCL only small things todo! (like get the right Value/variant)
UP Galeries with updated screen/texture! [12]
+ Photo galery : [13]
+ Gradiant (look better than older!
+ 2/4 of Transition light and better look for them!
- All transition (wasn't able to get the texture back :S
- All Gradiant (same as transition) TD Fix the deleted things.
+++ Thanks to Tock he had some backup of the track i still have the autoback of 3DS max so I can continue my Projet thanks for some support =).
- everything , i mean my hdd got failure and i lost all so no i give up.
+ Last Transition.
- Lava/Water gradient (untill we can use transparent texture and gradiant in same time.
+ Kcl sound trigger (look KCL zone.)
M Brres perfect uv map on lava and boost pad.
+ KCL Model Done.
+ "Transition" Between Brick and road (just before the start line.)
+ Purple gradiant on wall, where it should be. (poison water)
+ Orange gradiant on wall, where it should be. (lava)
+ General transparence, Every texture got it's own Alpha Channel.
M Moved Mountain. (no more goes on vrcorn)
M Moved Deads tree to fit with the new Mountain placement.
M "Transition" Between Marble and brick with correct carpet.
M General UV map corrections.
M Uv map for Water.
M Uv map for marble.
- Deleted unused parts/face.
TD Post all Preview screen that was only on skype.
+ "Transition" between Marble and Brick.
+ "Credit" like section at the end of page. + Uv map correction on the entire map is Done!
M Re-Moved Mountain (I moved it again not I deleted them)
M Moved Background 3D dead tree to fit and make the map full.
- Some unused face or double face.
-> small comment (this page start to be quite big :P)
-> ok so my plan now it's to make a Great KCL but i will start tomorow (02:55 am atm)
-> every old and know bug will be fixed.
+ A marker in Legend "TD" for ToDo , it's mean I placed it in my "ToDo List"
+ Maked the map with New texture (Wii styled.)
+ Two new testers for the map : Reedy and WorldBoss
+ Almost Done the KMP (see upside)
- KCL , To make a new one.
M SZS that a totale mess now.
TD Some new Texture for the actual Brres
TD KCL Brres.
TD Animated texture for Lava, Boost pad.
TD 3 Pocha (PochaYogan , MoriPocha , Pocha)
TD Improve the KMP
TD Clean the SZS
Added Legend.
Remaded the page.
Small Comment:

Update 2:
As you can see that project is really old , the first show was at : 11/22/2010 almost a year.
And right now it almost accomplished , I mean We only have to wait an update of SZS tools.
original first show post: http://www.mariokartwii.com/f72/official-mario-kart-wii-model-hacking-new-39114-294.html#post3366978
Okay here what i Plan
Remake GCN BC not a simple port
I will do like N64 Banshee , New brres and new texture and some add that fit so great.
I m sorry i will not release it till i can't animate texture :S
and btw I hope you will love it because i really work hard to choise the right texture to make them fit.
To keep the nostalgia of the map.

Okay here is a total remade of the page to show you that the made isn't dead at all.
Here a png about my enemy route and how it is made (yes that do 9 to 11 that a small miss
(Yes i made it as a "%" that just to show you if i think it is done or not)
And I will not make any release until I found how to make one brres that got Map and Lava + Boost pad animated.
And for finish my update as soon as I can for sure I will release.


Custom Track main creator :
Baoulettes / Perlouze

Beta Testers:

Vico Kapouè

Special Thanks to Nintendo to have make that such great Track.

Thanks to :

BlackJax for BrawlBox update.
Wiimm for KMP Fix !
Cyther to test things for me :)
Tock to help me , and give some idea, for some support and pointing me in right way.
WorldBoss to some good points
Reedy94 to point me some bug too.
Chadderz to make that possible.
Guilmon to help on KCL :3
Wiki for KCL / KMP like some exact value for Marble. or info about Cameras!
and Copyright goes mainly to Nintendo. not affiliated to them.