Blue Falcon (LTC 91)

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This article is about LTC 91's port. For other versions of this vehicle, see Blue Falcon.
Blue Falcon
Creator: LTC 91
Designer: Nintendo
Version: v1.0
Date of latest version: 2023-11-05
Editors used: Blender, BrawlCrate, Paint.NET
Download: Google Drive


This is a port created by LTC 91. It is based on the Mario Kart 8 version. Color schemes were created for all characters except for Baby Mario, who uses the original color scheme.


Menu preview of the vehicle

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2023-11-05 First release
By the same author: LTC 91

Texture Hacks:
GBA Battle Course 4SNES Battle Course 3Tour Style Rainbow RoadDiamond HighwayUrchin UnderpassNightmare Road
Tour Dry Dry RuinsGCN Rainbow RoadTour Daisy CircuitTour Maple TreewayMK8DX Waluigi StadiumMK0 Luigi's Mansion
Tour Moonview HighwayMK8DX Mushroom GorgeMK8DX Coconut MallClassic SNES Ghost Valley 2
Classic SNES Mario Circuit 3Classic SNES Battle Course 4Classic GBA Battle Course 3MK8DX Wii Rainbow Road
MK8DX Wii Moonview HighwayMK8DX Wii Daisy CircuitMK8DX Wii Maple TreewayTour GCN Waluigi Stadium

Custom Characters:
Textured and Edited Characters:
Blue Toad on Super BlooperJimmy ToadBlack & White PeachBlack & White DaisyBlack & White Baby Peach
Black & White Baby DaisyTop 100 MarioFire MarioIce Baby LuigiBlack & White BowserFire Toad
Fire Baby MarioMario (Western Land)Luigi (Space Land)Black ToadChef ToadFire Baby Peach

Imported Characters:
N64 Koopa TroopaBandit HeelerClaudeChick Hicks

Retro Characters:
Kitsune LuigiWhite Tanooki MarioDonkey Kong (Gladiator)Black YoshiLuigi (Chef)Mario (Black Suit)Dr. BowserLuigi (Knight)Luigi (Gold Knight)Baby Mario (Koala)Mario (Golf)
Daisy (Thai Dress)Peach (Happi)

Custom Vehicles:
Retro Vehicles:
Green LightningSky-Blue B Dasher Mk. 2Pink Mushmellow (old)Pink Wing (old)Wild GoldFrost WingBlue SpeederYellow OffroaderRed OffroaderStar-Spangled Flyer
Flaming SpeederGoo-Goo Black (old)Green Double-Decker (old)Kabuki DasherWhite BruiserStreamlinerQuickshawCat CruiserSport BikeCircuit SpecialGLACream Cat Cruiser
Green Cat CruiserBlack Cat CruiserGray Cat CruiserBirthday GirlBirthday Girl DaisyBirthday Girl RosalinaMr. ScootyYoshi BikePrancerSwift JackComet TailRed Comet
Green CometPink CometGold CometStreetleCupid's ArrowKoopa ClownGoo-Goo BuggyRattle BuggyGoo-Goo PinkGoo-Goo BlackTanooki KartCamo Tanooki Kart
Flowery BadwagonBlooper ShuttleGlam BruiserStandard Kart (3DS)Black Turbo Yoshi
Dolphin DrifterGoo-Goo GoldPurple Rattle BuggyEgg 1BruteBiddybuggyBone Rattler300 SL RoadsterSteel Driver
Flame RiderVarmintWild WigglerBolt BuggyDark BuggySoda JetBlue SodaP-WingPink WingStandard Kart (Wii U)
Pipe BuggyCloud 9Dozer DasherBlack DozerPink DozerIce DozerPurple DozerYellow TaxiPlatinum TaxiRed Taxi
Rainbow TaxiSnow SkimmerWhite Snow SkimmerKoopa DasherDry Bones DasherBarrel Train
Boo PipesKoopa KingGilded KingSilver KingFlame Flyer (Tour version)Waluigi Racer Mk. 2B DasherMushmellow
Pink MushmellowSneekerLandshipWarshipBlue Falcon (MK8 version)CometBumble VRoyalePipe FrameBruiserTiger BruiserZucchiniSpicy Zucchini
Bullet BlasterBull's-Eye BanzaiDK JumboChrome DK JumboDK MaximumFish Bone FerryGold Fish Bone FerryRoaring RacerTropical TruckDouble-DeckerGreen Double-Decker
Gold Double-DeckerIce-Cream MinibusChocolate Banana MinibusGreen B Dasher Mk. 2White RoyaleBlue RoyaleCucumberDasher IIIron CucumberBronze CucumberBlue SevenSuper 1
Sports CoupeGold Quickshaw4-Wheel Cradle

Imported Vehicles:
The DeadinatorOvercompensatorBad GirlHarm AidProbulot 2000The RuckusDer PickleBlood Hawk

Textured and Edited Vehicles:
Dolphin Dasher (Light Weight)Jet Bubble (Heavy Weight)Spear (Medium Weight)Mini Beast (Medium Weight)
Honeycoupe (Medium Weight)Spear (Light Weight)Standard TitanFlaming Mini Beast
Super Blooper (Lightweight)

LTC 91's Vehicle Pack