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Country: United Kingdom
Pronouns: He/Him
Youtube: Bits
Discord: some64bits
Gamebanana: 64Bits
Main Combo: Dry Bones On Cheep Charger

About Me

I'm Bits, I like to make mods (mainly custom characters) for MKW. I play online from time to time but not often. If there's any issues with any of my mods, or you have some mod suggestions, feel free to reach out to me on discord, and if you do plan on using my mods in content/other mods, go ahead but make sure to credit me somewhere.

Custom Characters

Here's a list of every character I've made so far, and my thoughts on each of them! They're in the order of when I initially released them, and keep in mind these rankings are relative to my other mods, so a 9/10 would probably be like a 7 or 8 in comparison to other peoples mods :)

Character Rating Notes
Gordon Freeman 7/10 My first mod! I wanna update this one day to use the Large Male Mii's anims as I think they'd fit better. Also I might make the Scout Car as a custom vehicle for him.
Jack Cayman 2/10 Easily my worst mod, by far. The rig is poorly made, 100% gonna update in the future. Shame cause MadWorld is one of my favorite games of all time :(
King Pig 6.5/10 This was a fun one to make, maybe one day I'll add in some custom vehicles from Angry Birds Go.
Frozone 5.5/10 I think he turned out alright, though I think the Large Male Mi's anims would probably fit better, and this mod isn't optimized that well. Also I think the mod would be even better if I added custom voicelines.
Zombie 6/10 Just like Frozone, this one needs a fair bit of optimization. Technically this mod includes my first custom vehicle, though it was just a minor edit to the Dolphin Dasher, replacing it's eyes with Xs. I wanna make Conehead and Buckethead variants for this guy one day, and voicelines too.
Officer Earl 6.5/10 I actually started working on this mod before Gordon, but I couldn't get the rig working for him properly. I'm gonna make an on foot version for him, and add in voicelines in an update at some point.
HEV Suit 5.5/10 I'd rank this one like a 7 or an 8 if it weren't for the fact that shaders are pretty scuffed on console...
Dr. Kawashima 5.5/10 10000000 IQ. The LOD and CPU models on bikes are pretty scuffed and need to be fixed, also I was working on a devil variant at one point, but I never got around to finishing it. One day.
G-Man 7.5/10 I think if I gave G-Man custom voicelines, he'd 100% be a 9, possibly a 10?
Barney Calhoun 7.5/10 Same thing with G-Man applies with Barney, though someone actually did make a set of voicelines for Barney, which I'll be adding in whenever I update him. I also wanna port his alpha model as variant with that update.
Adrian Shephard 8.5/10 I might be ranking this one a lil too high thanks to my Opposing Force bias, but I love how this one turned out.
Corporal Pig 6.5/10 TF2 Soldier. Need I say more?
Foreman Pig 5.5/10 Originally, this was gonna be my first mod with custom voicelines, but thanks to how the game handles King Boo's voicelines, his lines kept getting pitched up weirdly, so I scrapped it. I'd say this is the worst of the 3 pigs, mainly cause I think the vehicle textures look a lil funky, with the green and the orange.
Mr. Stick 7/10 The first of my Pizza Tower characters!
Gustavo 7.5/10 I made multiple attempts to get Gustavo working as a midweight, but mainly thanks to his lack of legs, I couldn't get him looking quite right, so I had to settle for putting over Toad. Also my first custom vehicle with the Brick Bike!
Fake Peppino 8.5/10 In my opinion, of my Pizza Tower mods, Fake Peppino is the best package overall. The Monster Kart is easily one of my favorite custom vehicles I've ever made!
Pepperman 6/10 It's difficult being the perfect pepper, especially when basically none of MKW's characters have similar proportions to you. If it weren't for how his arms look on some vehicles, I'd rank him higher.
The Vigilante 7/10 Yeehaw! My personal favorite Pizza Tower character. Turned out better than I was expecting. Originally, his custom vehicle was gonna be the Weenie Mount, but the model I made didn't turn out too great, and I thought Horsey was a funnier idea.
Gerome 6.5/10 Janitor.
Pillar John 6/10 This was made as a joke, and also for the sake of replacing every heavyweight with a Pizza Tower character.
Brick 5/10 I think this one could've turned out better, but it's not that bad.
The Noise 7.5/10 Woag. My favorite part of this mod are the custom vehicles.
Pizzahead 8/10 Though Fake Peppino may be the best overall mod of the Pizza Tower Cast, I think in terms of looks Pizzahead is my best. If I gave him voicelines, and maybe a custom vehicle, I'd probably give him a 9, maybe even a 10.
Pizzaface 7.5/10 Another fun one to make, if only making voicelines over King Boo's wasn't so scuffed...
Peppino Spaghetti 7.5/10 Funny how the last Pizza Tower mod of mine to release happened to be the main protagonist.
ERROR 9/10 My first April Fools mod! I released this with a Rainbow Road texture to go alongside it. Bit biased here, some of my other mods are objectively better than this, but it's my personal favorite :).
Cataquack 7/10 Quack. Apart from the legs being kinda weird, I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. I might make the purple and green variants one day.
Bob-omb 7.5/10 Ka-boom! I wanted to add voicelines for this guy, but then I realized that Bob-ombs don't have many lines to work with... I wanna use this mod as a base to make some Paper Mario partners, specifically Admiral Bobbery and Bombette.
Mr. Krabs 8/10 I made this mod mainly because I like how Krabs looked in the Gamecube Spongebob games. He just looks so goofy.
Plankton 6/10 Main problem with this one is how his neck breaks in half of his animations. Also, originally the legs on the Chum Burger were gonna be animated, but I couldn't export the animations properly so I scrapped it. If i can get custom animations properly working I'd love to give it another try.
Wario (Golf) 7.5/10 First mod of mine which was a request! This one was a lot of fun to work on and exceeded my expectations.
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