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Avatar: FancyDoesCustomTracks' Profile Picture.jpg
Discord: clubstepmonster
Twitter: @fancyaltaccount
Youtube: FancySC


Some kid who used to mod Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii.
I'm thinking of coming back to both of those games and other Wii stuff soon, I just want to get a real "setup" for it first.
If I actually decide to return, I might think of remaking Fancy's CT Pack in the future.

If you've been wondering where have I gone, I've been mostly playing Geometry Dash and the occasional Rhythm Heaven or Minecraft in that time.
Don't mind me having had developed Chronic Hoenn Brainrot in the meanwhile as well...

By the same author: FancyDoesCustomTracks

Custom Tracks:
A Roblox Track

Fancy's CT Pack (Extra Edition) – Mario Kart TimesBattle Royale600cc