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Avatar: Commission stunky by screeadee-db70q48.png.jpg
Skype: tom.stunk
Discord: Stunky#4913
Steam: TomStunky
MKW: 2237-2605-0050
Wii-Homebrew: Tyrant
Twitch: xStunky

A Brief Introduction

Hello there, my name is Stunky, and despite having gone through a wide range of names since starting playing Mario Kart Wii on launch day, I have always been interested in the custom scene, a YouTube search of LAB Peppy showing me back in like 2011 scoring near to no points. I've actually made a few tracks and a few textures in the past, but they weren't particularly great so I started to learn a lot more about the technical side of things. Now I'd like to use my knowledge to help, use my skills to create things, and also learn things for myself again.

What have I made

Name Type Description Other Credits
Purple to White (Font) Custom Font My first font edit, different purples become white. None