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Goals as a creator

As a track creator, my intentions are to get every track I make into CTGP. I will not be making Retro CTs as thats not my creativity.. its Nintendos. I will however do remakes of others tracks I like if they get removed from CTGP (with permission from the creator or CTGP staff if the creator is none responsive). My goal is to create Eight tracks minimum before I call it quits on creating, I also like dark themed tracks as they're more sinister and threatening. Things I don't like.. well.. you'll see below this.

Just a few details

Quick side note: no one is to edit my tracks without my permission, expect it to be deleted if done without. I'm not talking about page editing though, people fixing my grammar and layout is cool with me.

Now typically I do not use textures I created, sometimes I make easy stuff but I mean, I don't mind if people use textures from my tracks at all. I also don't mind people taking ideas from my tracks, this is a community after all and we should really be helping each other rather than trying to be stand alone creators.. as much as I talk about some creators tracks in the upcoming part. Also touching on that, don't take offense to what I say, I am messing around a bit.

Things that won't be on my CTs (unless its remake/fix/multiple creators or a mistake/glitch)

- Slow tricks.. like why do they have to exist.. such a bad design choice.

- Cannons, does it look like i've ran out of creativity? yes? wth?

- Huge grass only shortcuts that skip a u turn or 90 degree turn.. and the sc is completely flat.

- Bill routes that don't take every SC/Route (incase someone gets confused, all my cts have the bill take all routes).

- Bills that drop you out of bounds or into a wall.. unless i'm unaware of it.. tell me if so.

- Stupid obstacles that are intended to hit just about everyone... mansion of madness is the perfect example.

- This one is more of a meme with my friends but.. no goombas.. ever.

- Out of bounds over a ramp jump with road below from a previous part of the track.. that means i'd have to add an invis wall there.. bad design choice.

- A way to get out of an sc while being ts'd in it (unless you can jump off) because risk vs reward is cruel and loving at the same time.

- Anime.. still don't understand what is so good about anime.

- Disgusting colors high in hue colliding with other high in hue colors.. mansion of madness is getting roasted by now.

- completely flat cts.. sorry casuals.. but they're stupidly boring.. and no, ramps don't cut it (especially when they're slow trick).

- Bean corners (unless its garbage kcl which is a different pain in the ass altogether) *cough* spykid.

- Random unavoidable obstacles that cant be seen until its too late, river of dreams with your trolly koopa troopa.. you're the target here.

- Unjustified heavy offroad.. does it look like i'm trying to annoy people with offroad?

- Lack of item boxes, if you want your track to be frantic, just add item boxes every 10-15 secs of race time.

- No shortcuts, im competitive as heck.. but scs can be fun.. unless its a flat grass sc that skips a lot of track

- No strats.. i'm all about the strats.. keeps things alive.

- Brutal target shock areas, i'm sick of the shock as it is.. im not going to aid it with bad respawns/ long falls.

- Obstacles that get you stuck for a while.. mansion of madness is just an inferno atm.. though to be fair.. it wasnt the creators fault.. Torran's instead.

- Turns that lead to blind out of bounds.. ok i'm sorry.. mansion of madness needs some water to heal from the burns. Incase you're confused, i'm talking about the half-pipe turn skip before the falling road and after the hallway with bills.

- Forced offroad, who the heck decided this was a good idea? Its rubbish.

- Speed mods, and I mean NO speed mods. NO.

- Catering to the 200cc speed mod option, not happening.

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