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I am fairly new to making CTs and I plan on making original and retro tracks. I have issues with focus/motivation so i may work on my CTs randomly when i feel like it, however i may take long breaks from making them.

My Custom Tracks

Here is a list of all my finished CTs.
Name Status
Moo Moo Ranch v1.0

Under Construction

Here is a list of CTs that i am currently working on.
Name Status
Wilde Times Currently Making Course Model


Here is a list of CTs that i was previously but no longer working on.
Name Status
Cabana Cove Currently working on course model (On Hold)
Alpine Raceway Currently working on the KCL model (On Hold)


Here is a list of ideas for CTs i may make in the future. In order from most likely to happen to least likely to happen.
Name Status
Bowser Jr.'s Fort Remake A complete remake of the track that fixes glitches and adds new elements.
Earthquake (Working Title) A CT that makes use of the GV rock shake. Pieces of the track would fall, making it harder and harder each lap
Flood (Working Title) A CT that makes use of the rising water from Delfino Pier. The water would make you take a different lap each time. Similar to Aquadrom Stage 2
Tornado Alley (Working Title) A CT that makes use of moving cannons (Used In Shifting Sand Land ) To simulate tornadoes that you have to avoid while racing.
By the same author: Zachruff

Custom Tracks:
Moo Moo Ranch

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