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Author: Aaron
Version: v1.03
Date of latest version: 2010-05-22
Editors used: C++
Download: https://web.archive.org
"RiiFS is a simple custom network protocol used by Riivolution to allow a computer to act like a disk file-system. This allows for both public streamable releases as well as private testing of modifications without needing to restart the game."

--Riivolution Wiki

XML File Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <wiidisc version="1">
  <id game="RMC" disc="0" version="0">
    <region type="P"/>
   <section name="RiiFS Settings">
     <option id="muhu" name="My Stuff" default="1">
       <choice name="Enabled">
         <patch id="muh" />
 <patch id="muh">
   <folder external="/mkwii/My Stuff" recursive="false" length="10000000"/>
   <folder external="/mkwii/My Stuff" disc="/" /> 
  • The length="10000000" attribute will patch the file to around 10 MB which will result in the possibility to edit/change the file on the fly as long as the original file is not larger than the attribute patch.


Server Demonstration