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Hello there, I am a MKW player that has been playing since around December 2010.

Feel free to remake or modify my tracks, as I do not have any motivation to update what I've made.

Personal Information
Birthday April 23, 2003
Nationality Canadian
Languages French and English
Online Information
In-game name: Zai
Discord: Zaiai#6768

My Custom Tracks

Here are all my Custom Tracks.

Name Status Date of First Release Date of Latest Release Note
Ice Creek v1.0 released
(by Okin)
2015-06-24 2018-09-19 Animations by Pepo 2000
Ghost Road ALPHA released 2013-01-17 2013-01-17 ew
Friandise Cookieway
(with MaximilianoMK)
v1.2 released
(by Ptpix1)
2015-07-27 2018-12-24
Lost Forest
(with mkwjason and NinYoda1)
RC3 released
(only by NinYoda1)
2013-03-13 2017-12-26 Took part in the modelling process of the first version.

Upcoming/Planned Custom Tracks and remakes

I'm planning to do all these Custom Tracks below.

  • Planning on remaking Ghost Road - The name might be changed, because I think it's very uncreative and bland. I'm not sure when this will happen though.
Model BRRES KCL KMP Animation
30% 0% 0% 0% 0%
  • Planning on making a track taking place in Moscow, Russia
Model BRRES KCL KMP Animation
0% 0% 0% 0% 0%