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Avatar: Ptpix1 avatar.png
YouTube: Ptpix1
Twitter: Ptpix1
Discord: Ptpix1#0519

Hello! I'm Ptpix1 (pronounced P.T. Pix One, with PT being my initials).

Here's a little bit about me:

  • I enjoy playing video games (duh, lol). Some of my favorites include Smash Bros, Pokémon, Kirby, and of course Mario.
  • I'm also really into electronic music, with Daft Punk being my all-time favorite artist. I like other genres of music as well though.
  • Another hobby of mine is making videos. You can see some on my YouTube channel (link to the right).
  • I also sometimes write reviews of music I'm interested in. You can read them on my Discogs page (link here).

I got my start on the Wiiki in 2012, when I created an account under the name "TheMarioKartFreak". I have since lost access to this account. My first release was "Mushroom Lava Land", which is a track edit of Mushroom Gorge with different textures and mushroom placements. Looking back on it now, it's admittedly pretty bad. A little under a month later, I released "Electric Mario on Hovercraft". This is a texture hack of Mario on the Sprinter, but without wheels to give off the illusion that it's hovering. After this I took a long break from MKWii.

In Summer 2017, I returned to the game and the custom track community. Some months later, I began work on my first track, "Piranha Plant Plains". You can see more of my custom tracks below in the blue box. Nowadays I typically play the game on and off, but I try to be involved in the community regularly. I also sometimes do updates for already released tracks from others. Thanks for visiting my page!

List of Custom Tracks from others that I've updated:

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Custom Track Ideas:

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