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Author: Ugotowned35000vr
Current Version: Beta 1.101
Type: Riivolution
Online Region:
Tracks: 32
Download: Mediafire


This is a custom tracks pack made by Ugotowned35000vr and Adam.


Beta 1 Release and How-To-Download

Track List

v2 Custom Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Garden Path v1.0 KevinVG207
Luigi's Village v1.0 Multimariokartds
Mario's Garden v1.1 MrDark35000vr
Night Factory Beta 3 Gito
Snore Circuit  ??? Thed0ra7z
Rosalina's Purple Fortress v1.0 KevinVG207
Pipeland Sewer v1.0 Pepo 2000, SpyKid, WorldsBoss
Rainbow Jungle v2.0 Flohrian, Keiichi1996
Waterlake Raceway v1.0 MaxMCPro
Pine Falls RC1 CHL99
Abandoned Pier RC1 metaknight2550
Sand Speedway 2 v1.0 NinYoda1
SNES Rainbow Road v1.0 Yoshi74, Wexos, MaximilianoMK
Birthday Park v1.0 BlueSky, SpyKid
Glaced Valley Beta Multimariokartds
Alpine Peak Beta MysterE99
Damn Frozen Road Beta Yoshidude4, Szymbar15
Sandcastle Beach v1.0 wabajeffy
SNES Bowser Castle 3 v1.0 Omonimo747
Volcanic Land RC1 Wexos
Dash Cannon Woods RC3.6 Keiichi1996
Color Course v2.0 Pepo 2000
DK Waterfall RC1 BigOto2
Luigi's Ghost Castle v1.1 Flohrian