N64 Kalimari Desert

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Kalimari Desert is a retro race course from Mario Kart 64. It is the last track of the Mushroom Cup. It later reappeared in Mario Kart 7 as the first track of the Leaf Cup.

Original Version
3DS Version

Currently, there are two ports available:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: N64 Wildwestwoestijn
French: N64 Désert Kalimari
German: N64 Kalimari-Wüste
Italian: N64 Deserto Kalimari
Japanese: 64 カラカラさばく
Korean: 64 바싹바싹 사막
Portuguese: N64 Deserto Kalimari
Russian: N64 Пустыня Калимари
Spanish: N64 Desierto Kalimari
Greek: N64 Έρημος Καλιμάρι
Polish: N64 Pustynia Kalimari
Finnish: N64 Kalimari-aavikko
Swedish: N64 Kalimariöknen
Czech: N64 Poušť Kalimari
Danish: N64 Kalimari-ørkenen