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Author: aplumafreak500
Type: Riivolution (ISO Patcher support if files are manually replaced)
Version: v1.0
Date of Latest Version: 2016-10-15
Download: Google Drive

Countdown Worldwide is an in-progress hack by aplumafreak500 that allows for normal play on Worldwide or Regional via Countdown Mode. The idea is for the game to load Countdown Mode via MrBean35000vr's GCT/Race.szs patch, and alter region search options to load "cd" (for Worldwide) or "cd_%d" (for Regional or CTWW) but keep the game's logic to determine the region number rather than replace it with a default region. It is also meant as a solution for Custom Track Distributions needing multiple regions for VS and Countdown by merging these regions into separate race types on Wiimmfi.

As of 2016-10-15, this has been released on a proof-of-concept basis and is not meant to be used by non-testers, and it could get you banned on Wiimmfi as these regions have not yet been enabled!

What does this mean for distributions with CTWW support?

Ideally, if a distribution maker wants to support Countdown, he/she should replace the game's region search query from "vs" to "cd" and add this patch to their distribution (after patching the region number if necessary). For Worldwide races on CTGP-Code distributions, only the first 32 tracks should be active, and in friend rooms, if the players are on different distributions, only the first 32 tracks should be picked (assuming those distributions do not replace them).

Battle Mode

Battle Mode should be phased out by writing a null or unsupported querystring to the room search logic. On Wiimmfi, it will result in a 15-minute ban.


Currently no media

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2016-10-15 First release
By the same author: aplumafreak500

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Custom Track Edits:
Codename: BIGBOX v2.7
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