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| Custom
| Custom
| [[Marble Towers]]
| [[Marble Towers]]
| v1.2
| v1.3
| Custom
| Custom

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Avatar: Avatar-snick.jpg
YouTube: Sniki
Discord: Sniki#4169

Hey, I`m Sniki, Snicker or LastSnicker, and I am a new Mario Kart Wii Custom Track creator.

If you have any questions you can add me on skype or discord. If you want to update my tracks it would be nice if you ask for permission but you don´t have to. And if you`r really nice you could say what i have to do to fix issues or something like that. Thank you!

My Creations

Type Name Status/Version
Custom Vokas Treeway v1.4
Custom Tropical Factory v1.4
Custom Last World v1.0
Custom Snowflake City v1.5
Ported/Remake SBK Ninja Land v1.0
Custom Cool Castle Canyon v1.0
Custom Sky Grove v1.0
Custom Dark Matter Shrine v1.0
Custom Glimmer Express Trains v1.2
Custom Flowery Greenhouse v1.0
Custom Marble Towers v1.3
Custom Crystal Plains v1.1
Custom Lunar Lights v1.1

Updates by me

Name Status/Version
Retro Raceway RC2.1
Mushroom Valley RC1.7
Melting Magma Melee v1 beta
MP9 Toad Road v1.1
Area 28 v1.0
Rocky Cliff v2.2
Mushroom Island v1.2
Crown Circuit v1.1
Riverview Square v1.2
Green Hill Zone II v1.2
Vulcan Mine v1.0
Spike Desert v2.1