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I'm HackerCop and one of my hobbies is Wii modding and producing Custom tracks. At the moment I'm learning how to add Shadows to my in-progress custom track N64 Gothic Castle using the blender cycles render engine. As for Wii modding my greatest homebrew achievement is when I installed Windows 3.1 on my Wii via Dosbox Wii.

I'm want to make more texture hacks as I have good photo editing skills but its really a matter of time and priorities.

I was experimenting with ripping Minecraft models and making custom tracks from them however due to their high poly count I was having trouble with BrawlCrate and kept getting the error message Object reference not set to instance of an object. If anyone has experience with this error I would appreciate help and advice on my talk page.

Latest mod:

Inverted Bones (Dry Bones Texture)

N64 Gothic Castle

I am currently developing a custom track N64 Gothic Castle in blender and hopefully it will be my first CT to feature a shadow map. This track uses arch models from my earlier CT Bowser's Ghost Valley but is based on N64 Bowser's Castle as that is my favorite Nintendo track. The track has taken me about 6 months to model although most of that was learning blender. Below you can see a preview of the track being modeled in blender.

N64 Gothic Castle being modelled in Blender.jpg