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Hey Guys, I'm a new MKW hacker that likes custom tracks.

Tracks that I'm working on now on my own:
Love Circuit
Jungle Cliffs
GBA Broken Pier
SNES Vanilla Lake 1
GCN Yoshi Circuit

Tracks That I'm doing with someone else:
-Charlie Brown's Pumpkin Hollow with MitsySueG24 and AwesomeAaronD72601
-GCN Dino Dino Jungle with MitsySueG24

Texture Hacks:
-Rainbow Boardwalk (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture)
-DK's Snowy Battle Course (SNES Battle Course 4 Texture)
- DK's Desert (DK Summit Texture)
- Lunar Raceway (N64 Mario Raceway Texture)

If your interested in helping or asking for help, let me know.