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If you want to update my own custom tracks supposing publish them, please ask me before that.
You can contact me in Talk Page or Twitter.
Do NOT release without my permission.
Rz / Paran
Age: 20
Twitter: @cY049z
Reddit: u/9pr_rznect
osu! Invrsn_9prnnoob (Official)
extenRz (Ripple)

Hi there. I'm Rz (pronounced Ryuz) as formerly known as Paran, a Japanese sketchy custom track creator and now amateur osu! player.
As of February 12th, I'm currently working on my own skin for osu!.
I'm sorry if you can't understand my English because it's so bad.

I don't accept any requests for custom track remakes, and I will just make what I really want.

Current Progress

  • Nightmare Cliff v2.0 Remake - The track would have an alternative route under the hole in cave section. The former route will be vanished because of the overpowered shortcut.
Unfinished version was released as v2.0-april for April Fools special. It's not a joke track.
  • RMCJSK - A secret project working along with my friends. It gonna be released in early 2020 as a YouTube video series
  • osu! so fun.


My Own Custom Tracks

Name / Current Version Date of First Release Date of Latest Release
Cityside Nature Beta 2.4 2015-12-18 2019-10-13
Fortside Volcano RC2a 2016-02-05 2019-02-28
Nightmare Cliff v2.0-april 2017-10-31 2020-04-01
Cottonplant Forest v1.0 2018-02-08 2018-06-16

Collab Tracks

Name who collaborated with Track Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release
MaximilianoMK Troy Circuit 2016 v1.0 2016-06-28
Illuminati Track Thing v1.1.1 2020-01-27
Rainbow Labyrinth v2.01 2018-10-20

Custom Track Edits / Fixes

Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release Original Author Details
Majora's Castle Beta 4 2017-12-26 Xaeser Gameplay improvements in Beta 2.
Blood Fire Sky Beta 3.1 2018-05-19 Thed0ra7z Visual overhaul in Beta 2 thru 3.
Mushroom Fort RC4.01 2019-09-02 Putinas, Conner Gameplay and visual improvements.
ONI Training Place v1.0 2017-12-15 Dao Ibuki
Simply Retroway Beta 2 2018-12-14 NEGATEN
Blue Loop Remake v1.0 2019-02-11 YellowYoshi Remade track.
Grassy Maze RC3 2019-11-06 Quajeek99 Gameplay improvements.

My Own Texture Hacks

Name / Current Version Date of Latest Release Infomation
Lighting Gold Bricks Beta 2016-09-13 BoneStage-themed texture hack.
Poison Garden v0.7 (Beta 2) 2015-03-02 DS Peach Gardens Texture
Sakura Forest v1.0.1 2019-02-09 The texture hacks of Cottonplant Forest, my own custom track.
Autumn Cave v1.0 2018-10-28
Winter Forest v1.0 2019-02-08


  • My BRSTMs v1 v2 v3.1 FINAL - The 3 versions of my music pack. Some of special things are included in v2 downloaded pack. The new update pack is now being prepared for now.
  • Space Raceway v1.1 - N64 Mario Raceway Edit

Planned Projects

  • Icy Village - A brend new icy-themed track planning from 2017
  • Yellow Fog Forest - This track will have yellow fog, trees with red leaves, a narrow river and underground way.
  • Emerald Cove - The track will be featured many emeralds in cave and underwater.
  • Remake tracks - I'll remake or fix(?) the glitchy, and too old tracks (with anyone).
  • Paran's CT Pack - Hopefully it would be a CT Pack as unofficial successor of MrMario's CT Pack or Wine's CT Pack. Any progress for the plans below:
    • LE-CODE
    • 64 tracks and 10 replaced arenas
    • Custom menus
    • Custom items?
    • Custom musics