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By the same author: ChaosShadow23
Texture Hacks
Flooded Station Square
Old Custom Tracks
Volcanic WastelandAbyssal RuinsWindmill Isle
New Custom Tracks
Volcanic PipeyardCelestial RuinsWindmill Village
Retro Tracks
Mario Kart: Super Circuit Mushroom Cup GBA Peach Circuit • GBA Riverside Park • GBA Bowser Castle 1
Flower Cup GBA Mario Circuit • GBA Boo LakeGBA Cheese Land • GBA Bowser Castle 2
Lightning Cup GBA Luigi Circuit • GBA Sky Garden • GBA Cheep-Cheep IslandGBA Sunset Wilds
Star Cup GBA Snow Land • GBA Ribbon Road • GBA Yoshi Desert (in progress)
Special Cup GBA Lakeside ParkGBA Broken PierGBA Bowser Castle 4GBA Rainbow Road