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*Your map model is missing required bones.<br>
*Your map model is missing required bones.<br>
**Your map_model requires bones named "posLD" and "posRU" to position the map. Without them, the game can crash.
**Your map_model requires bones named "posLD" and "posRU" to position the map. Without them, the game can crash.
*Something else may cause the crash.<br>
**Remove other custom content (characters, Common.szs, etc) and try again.

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Sometimes when testing a custom track, the game will fail at times to render the track, causing the console to freeze, usually at a black screen. Here is a list of common problems that can cause Mario Kart Wii to crash.

Initial Loading

If your track doesn't load at all, here are some common causes:

Required Files

A custom track requires these files to run:

  • course.kmp
  • course.kcl
  • course_model.brres
  • map_model.brres
  • vrcorn_model.brres (unnecessary if you are playing on Dolphin, but required on a real Wii)
  • Any object files for objects used in course.kmp


  • First thing to try is to remove objects from your KMP that you won't need for your track.
    • Some of them require specific track slots, files, or KCL settings. If you don't need them, get rid of them.

  • Your KMP has an object listed that does not exist in your SZS.
    • Copy the missing files from another track that has them, more likely an official track. Some objects require more than just .brres file(s)!

  • You used an object that requires a route, but one wasn't defined for it OR a route was defined that doesn't exist.
    • Check your KMP for any objects that require routes and add a route for them. If a route exists, set it in the object's settings. If not, create a new route for it, then set it in the object's settings.

  • You have too many objects.
    • Try to reduce the number of objects to be below 200.

  • An object has invalid settings.
    • This doesn't always cause a crash but it certainly can contribute. Look at settings from other tracks for these objects if you're not sure how to set them.

  • An object has an invalid ID.
    • You've told the game to load something that isn't even a real object. Either remove this object, set its ID to 00, or change it to something else.

  • You have an object that requires solid ground in an area where there is no solidity.
    • Objects like Thwomps require solid ground beneath them. Move them onto the track or remove them from your KMP.

  • You have two STGI entries.
    • Remove one, as it will both save on space and may stop any conflicts that occur by having course settings set twice.


Check for:

  • Proper KCL flags
  • Two-sided faces
  • Model complexity
  • That it's properly generated (You can check using Wiimm's SZS Tools)


  • You have a BRRES for an object but it still doesn't load.
    • Make sure the brres isn't corrupted or modified. Also be sure you have anything else required by the object, like effects.
      • Also be sure any custom content inside the BRRES is the correct version.

  • Your file size is very big.
    • Remove files that aren't used by the track.

  • Your map model is missing required bones.
    • Your map_model requires bones named "posLD" and "posRU" to position the map. Without them, the game can crash.

  • Something else may cause the crash.
    • Remove other custom content (characters, Common.szs, etc) and try again.


These are usually a combination of problems.

  • Game crashes when trying to enter a cannon
    • Be sure your cannon trigger in your KCL matches the cannon ID in your KMP.

  • Game crashes/lags shortly after starting, with flashing colors/geometry
    • This usually happens with a corrupt BRRES, likely a corrupt CHR0 animation. Try replacing the BRRES.

  • Game crashes when I touch a certain object / part of the track
    • This could be a lot of things, ranging from bad KCL, to missing files, to bad KMP, depending on the situation.

  • Game crashes when watching intro cameras in VS/Grand Prix
    • Your CAME is setup improperly. One of your values are set to something that's impossible
    • Your "Next Camera" is set to a camera that doesn't exist

  • Game works in Time Trials but not in VS/Grand Prix
    • Your "First Camera" is probably wrong.
    • You have a corrupt object that is only set to appear in VS. Check your KMP.

  • Game crashes when a player or computer driver gets an item from an itembox with special settings.
    • The reason for this crash is hard to detect because you don't know the get-time for the computer players.
    • Remove the special settings of all itemboxes for human and computer players (2 different settings).