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Credit to Atlas for the info box on your right.

== Who are you? ==

Hello there! I'm back after what, 6 months of in-activity? Pulsaring aren't I hilarious! Anyways. I plan to do more stuff with Pulsar, a new and less shitty engine unlike CTDM (ew!) to make the true return of Krack Attack shine.

I like the Chain Chomp as always

I am autistic, and I have ADHD.

How do I make stuff into sections?

== Stuff I've made ==

I've made a few private and lost-to-time character re-textures, but I've made distributions too. You're free to use my stuff. No credit is needed but would be nice.

You are also free to clean up or fix pages I have made on this site, but be sensible. Same thing goes to custom characters (if i make any) or distributions.

1.5 isn't the first release of MKW Krack Attack. 1.0 is. Link for 1.0 is here:

By the same author: GreenwaveStudios

Mario Kart Wii Krack Attack

Texture Hacks:
K-fee Zombie

Green Anomaly
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