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Avatar: Drybonesbxbe Icon.png
Age: 22
Pronouns: She/Her
Discord: drybonesbxbe
Twitter: @Drybonesbabe

Hey all! My name is Andrea, but I go by Drybonesbabe/Drybonesbxbe online, and my pronouns are she/her. I am interested in graphic and game design, but I also have a rough grasp of 3d modeling, which I enjoy as a hobby. I make more models than I implement.

About my Published Content

If you'd like to update anything I post or publish tracks I neglect to, i.e., jam tracks I'm dissatisfied with, please ask me via Discord. Although I'll likely say yes, I ask that the request go through me first.

About my Unpublished Content

If you're interested in a track I'm working on that hasn't been touched in a while and would like to help, I'll never say no! I far prefer modeling and detailing to implementation (i.e., kcl, kmp, brres), so I'm always looking for people to help with the part I deem difficult.