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Basic Status Templates

Name Template Usage Preview 1 Preview 2 Template Link
yes {{yes}}
{{yes|alternative text}}
Yes alternative text Template
maybe {{maybe}}
{{maybe|alternative text}}
Maybe alternative text Template
no {{no}}
{{no|alternative text}}
No alternative text Template
opt {{opt}}
{{opt|alternative text}}
Opt alternative text Template
unknown {{unknown}}
{{unknown|alternative text}}
Unknown alternative text Template
na {{na}}
{{na|alternative text}}
N/A alternative text Template
check {{check}}
{{check|additional text}}
✔ additional text Template
nocheck {{nocheck}}
{{nocheck|additional text}}
✖ additional text Template

Variants with left aligned text

Name Template Usage Preview 1 Preview 2 Template Link
yes-left {{yes-left}}
{{yes-left|left aligned}}
Yes left aligned Template
maybe-left {{maybe-left}}
{{maybe-left|left aligned}}
Maybe left aligned Template
no-left {{no-left}}
{{no-left|left aligned}}
No left aligned Template
opt-left {{opt-left}}
{{opt-left|left aligned}}
Opt left aligned Template
unknown-left {{unknown-left}}
{{unknown-left|left aligned}}
Unknown left aligned Template
na-left {{na-left}}
{{na-left|left aligned}}
N/A left aligned Template
check-left {{check-left}}
{{check-left|additional text}}
✔ additional text Template
nocheck-left {{nocheck-left}}
{{nocheck-left|additional text}}
✖ additional text Template