KMT Manager

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KMT Manager
Author: SuperMarioDaBom
Version: v0.2
Issue Tracker: Windows
Download: Windows


This application can create and edit Mario Kart Wii Mission Mode KMT files. BMG messages and mission_ui_single.bin editing is planned.

Planned Features

  • Export and import individual missions for easier distribution of single missions.
  • Edit BMG files for mission names / descriptions.
  • Edit mission_ui_single.bin files to change drift restrictions.
  • Move missions around (i.e. move from 1-1 to 2-5).

Version History

Version 0.2
+ Added version number to title bar
* Fixed bug where Dry Bowser would have no available vehicles in the CPU section
* Fixed bug where Save-As button didn't save when a file was open with "Open KMT"
- Removed popups that showed whenever pressing "Edit CPU" on a mission with one or more CPU already existing
Version 0.1
* Initial release