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Discord GenericNR#2903
Email [email protected]


I've been modding the Wii since I was 13. Only now, (2022), have I begun to release some of my stuff. At some point, I'll upload everything I feel is worthy to be public. I also uploaded the soundtrack for Bowser's Inside Story DX onto the Smash Custom Music Archive.

If you find any issues with my mods, you can email my MKWii Dump Google account, which is the Google Drive I use to upload my mods. I check this somewhat often, so if you email it, I'll see it. I won't be taking requests for the time being as I've got a few projects planned, but at some point, I might be willing to.

My current project is porting over a majority of MK8/MK8DX vehicles.

I have become really light-sensitive as of late, so I might start taking breaks if I start to feel eye pain.

If you yourself are a modder and find anything wrong with my mods, feel free to fix and update the mod, but make sure you email me about it. Also, be sure to credit yourself in the version history. If you make a custom based directly on one of my mods, make sure you credit me, though I don't care too much :)

College has been eating up all of my time, so don't expect anything until at least June.

Recently joined the Mario Kart Wii Deluxe Team.

Current Plans

Planned Planned Release Planned Release Date Plans
Jet Bike v1.2.1 June or July 2023 I didn't fix the vehicle crashing the game in split-screen, so I'll do that after I finish The Duke.
Super Mario Galaxy Music Pack v1.1 2023-2024 The pack is complete, but I want to touch up some things. I want to add alternates and fix the balancing in some of the audio tracks.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Music Pack v1.0 2023-2024 The pack is technically complete, but I plan to add a few alternates before releasing it. When all of the DLC releases, this pack will be fully complete.
Mario Kart 8 Vehicle Pack v1.0 2023-2024 This pack is far from complete. If I stay involved with it, it probably won't be done for a few months to a year (my eyes haven't been liking me lately...)

I made a website to plan out the pack.

MUSE Music Pack v1.0 2023-2024? At some point, I want to make a MUSE music pack. It will be out of my comfort zone trying to loop each song, but ehhh... why not? This might not happen, hence the "?"
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Super Mario Galaxy Music Pack

Custom Vehicles:
Jet BikeMach 8The Duke