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This article describes the directory /Race/Course of the Mario Kart Wii DVD (PAL and NTSC release). Read »Filesystem« for an introduction.


List of sub directories of /Race/Course:


These files all represent courses from the game. Each file is an U8 archive compressed by Yaz0 (also called SZS file). Details of the sub files are described on the separate page »/Race/Course/Track Sub Files«

Note [1]
The ID is used as reference on other Wiiki pages.
Note [2]
Most track files have an alternative file for Multiplayer usage with simpler animations and/or less number of objects to avoid lags. If the file exists and is identical to the standard track file, the keyword same is used. If the files are different, the size is printed. A "—" means: Does not exist.

Example: beginner_course.szs and beginner_course_d.szs.

Track files and more
ID[1] File name File size _d File
T11 beginner_course.szs 2,063,297 1,758,751 Luigi Circuit
T12 farm_course.szs 2,872,850 2,682,245 Moo Moo Meadows
T13 kinoko_course.szs 3,100,552 2,772,995 Mushroom Gorge
T14 factory_course.szs 2,774,024 2,512,399 Toad's Factory
T21 castle_course.szs 2,577,993 1,883,292 Mario Circuit
T22 shopping_course.szs 2,670,524 2,089,916 Coconut Mall
T23 boardcross_course.szs 1,872,282 same DK Summit
T24 truck_course.szs 2,031,038 1,825,191 Wario's Gold Mine
T31 senior_course.szs 2,430,017 2,421,592 Daisy Circuit
T32 water_course.szs 2,877,740 2,669,693 Koopa Cape
T33 treehouse_course.szs 3,148,030 same Maple Treeway
T34 volcano_course.szs 3,402,114 3,401,018 Grumble Volcano
T41 desert_course.szs 1,973,959 1,691,561 Dry Dry Ruins
T42 ridgehighway_course.szs 2,831,333 2,871,678 Moonview Highway
T43 koopa_course.szs 2,898,863 2,748,716 Bowser's Castle
T44 rainbow_course.szs 2,244,260 1,748,674 Rainbow Road
T51 old_peach_gc.szs 1,762,522 same GCN Peach Beach
T52 old_falls_ds.szs 994,400 same DS Yoshi Falls
T53 old_obake_sfc.szs 439,825 same SNES Ghost Valley 2
T54 old_mario_64.szs 1,385,968 same N64 Mario Raceway
T61 old_sherbet_64.szs 1,581,980 same N64 Sherbet Land
T62 old_heyho_gba.szs 953,314 same GBA Shy Guy Beach
T63 old_town_ds.szs 2,323,022 same DS Delfino Square
T64 old_waluigi_gc.szs 1,214,514 same GCN Waluigi Stadium
T71 old_desert_ds.szs 1,403,883 same DS Desert Hills
T72 old_koopa_gba.szs 710,775 same GBA Bowser Castle 3
T73 old_donkey_64.szs 1,698,268 same N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
T74 old_mario_gc.szs 1,705,353 same GCN Mario Circuit
T81 old_mario_sfc.szs 525,642 same SNES Mario Circuit 3
T82 old_garden_ds.szs 1,381,933 same DS Peach Gardens
T83 old_donkey_gc.szs 1,571,807 same GCN DK Mountain
T84 old_koopa_64.szs 1,464,098 same N64 Bowser's Castle
A11 block_battle.szs 1,966,235 same Block Plaza
A12 venice_battle.szs 1,610,166 1,573,561 Delfino Pier
A13 skate_battle.szs 2,081,855 same Funky Stadium
A14 casino_battle.szs 2,216,724 2,092,979 Chain Chomp Wheel
A15 sand_battle.szs 1,267,532 1,187,793 Thwomp Desert
A21 old_battle4_sfc.szs 337,651 same SNES Battle Course 4
A22 old_battle3_gba.szs 389,561 same GBA Battle Course 3
A23 old_matenro_64.szs 699,545 same N64 Skyscraper
A24 old_CookieLand_gc.szs 563,588 same GCN Cookie Land
A25 old_House_ds.szs 1,117,934 same DS Twilight House
WIN winningrun_demo.szs 2,852,469 2,157,790 Winning scene
LOS loser_demo.szs 2,385,040 1,650,432 Losing scene
END ending_demo.szs 2,049,859 same Luigi Circuit (credits)
MAR old_mario_gc_b.szs 1,483,428 same GCN Mario Circuit (not used, direct port)
RNG ring_mission.szs 1,561,475 same Galaxy Colosseum (was used in a tournament)
DRW draw_demo.szs 2,376,996 1,642,402 Broken version of loser_demo (not used, old BRRES format)
HAY old_mario_gc_hayasi.szs 1,531,083 GCN Mario Circuit (not used, old BRRES format)
NAR old_mario_gc_narita.szs 1,422,708
YAB old_mario_gc_yabuki.szs 1,355,026