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Creator: MrDark35000vr
Operating system: Windows
Version: v2.2.2.2
Date of latest release: 2018-06-12
Programming language: C#
Download: Google Drive
Discord server: Discord


DTools (short for Distribution Tools) is a series of tools to create a custom track distribution.


Current tools

  • CTGP Compiler v1.8.1.
  • Points Modifier v1.3.
  • XML Generator v1.6.
  • Speed & Lap Modifier v1.2.1.1.
  • U8 Converter v1.1.1.
  • SZS Fixer v1.5.
  • Image Converter v1.0.1.
  • Mission Editor v1.1.1.

Version History

You can see the full change log here.