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Hi, I'm Cealgair! I used to play CTs, but now I don't really play Mario Kart Wii anymore. In fact, I'm not even really engaged with the community anymore. I'm in a few Discord servers, but I'm almost completely inactive.

I made a CT downloader, since I used to find the process of manually downloading hundreds of files quite tedious. I don't think it even works anymore, since Wiimm's Custom Archive has changed a bit. I do not plan to update it. You can update it yourself if you wish, but I think it would be better to remake it from scratch.

Feel free to contact me through my talk page, I'll definitely see it. Eventually.

By the same author: Cealgair

How to pronounce my username

TLDR: cea like in sea🌊, air like in air💨, stress on the final sillable. Katakana should be シールゲー.

My username is the Scottish Gaelic word for hypocrite. Since I don't speak Scottish Gaelic myself, I have no idea how to properly pronounce it. The closest thing to an answer I could find is cealgaire on Wiktionary, which is basically the same word but in Irish. I also found the Wikipedia article on Scottish Gaelic phonology and orthography, but, as you can see in the Lenition and spelling section, you need to know a lot of fancy linguistics terms to figure out how to properly pronounce any word without knowing the language. So, if you happen to speak Scottish Gaelic, please let me know how to pronounce it. Thanks :)

In the meantime, since it's impractical to have a username with an unknown pronounciation, I just made up an (American) English-sounding one, which is [sil.ˈɡɛɹ]. It definitely sounds nothing like the original word in Scottish Gaelic, but at this point I think it's better to not even try. Also, feel free to pronounce it with your own accent (following the TLDR above). I'm not American myself, so I won't mind.

How to see the gender of users

This site lets you specify your preference for grammatical gender ("unknown", "female" or "male"). Also, when you set this preference, it says "This information will be public". So yea, it's public, but unless I'm missing something it's not very easy to find. Since I kinda wanted to know what genders to use in talk pages, I decided to investigate. Apparently you have to use the MediaWiki API. In particular, here you can see that I have told the Wiiki I prefer to be described as "male". Replacing my username in the URL with another one should be trivial, once you know that it's case-sensitive. I hope this knowledge will help to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.