Cealgair's CT Downloader

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Cealgair's CT Downloader
Author: Cealgair
Operating system: Linux
Version: Beta 2.2-1
Date of latest version 2021-05-19
Download: Google Drive


Cealgair's CT Downloader is a set of tools for Linux created by Cealgair. It was originally intended as a tool to automatically download custom tracks from Wiimm's Custom Archive, since the author used to find the process of manually downloading hundreds of files tedious. The author then decided to include a few scripts as well to make creating an LE-CODE distribution easier.


Here is a list of all of the main programs in this set of tools. All of the instructions about their usage are given in the "readme" file.

Program Introduced in version Description
ct-downloader Beta Downloads WBZ files from Wiimm's Custom Archive and converts them to SZS.
builder Beta Makes the LE-CODE Definition File.
patch Beta Patches LE-CODE as explained here.
icons Beta Creates icons for the cups.
bmg Beta Patches the BMG messages.
autoremove Beta 2.2 Removes the unneeded files.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2020-12-27 First release
Beta 2 2021-03-26
  • Added separate BMG messages for the track selection screen and the track intro.
  • Added a log.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Beta 2.1 2021-04-25
  • Fixed a bug with the log.
  • "patch" now enables LE-CODE's speedometer.
Beta 2.2 2021-05-19
  • Improved log.
  • Added "autoremove".
Beta 2.2-1 2021-05-19 Fixed a bug in "ct-downloader".


Permission denied

On some Linux distributions, after unpacking the tar archive and trying to execute "ct-downloader" or any of the other executables, you might get a "permission denied" error. If this happens, type this in the command line:

chmod u+x ct-downloader

Repeat the same for each of the other executables. This will tell Linux that "ct-downloader" is in fact an executable, and will grant you the permission to run it.

Known Bugs


  • When the user is asked to input something, if they input a really long string, then the program's behavior is not well documented.
  • The program behaves weirdly when reading the last line of "input.txt", so it is best keep it empty (or maybe even to keep the final two lines empty).
  • If ct.wiimm.de is not reachable, the program acts as if the search produced no results.
  • If a track has no family, the program will get the wrong filename and class for it. However, the information displayed in-game (i.e. track name, version and authors) will still be correct.
  • With certain versions of wget, the string "SSL_INIT" appears on screen multiple times. This is a known bug with wget that will be fixed in the next release, and it has no effect on ct-downloader's functionality.


If a file in "other-szs-files" has the same file name as one in "szs-files" and those two files are both used, then the program will enter an infinite loop attempting to make all of the track names for the menu unique.


The program behaves weirdly when reading the last line of "log.txt", so it is best keep it empty (or maybe even to keep the final two lines empty). Note that when "ct-downloader" automatically creates "log.txt", it already leaves a few empty lines at the end.

By the same author: Cealgair