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About me!
Name: Mar :3
PyraminxStar's Avatar.jpg
Age: 13
Pronouns: They/Them
YouTube: PyraminxStar

Hello! I'm PyraminxStar. I make custom tracks from time to time. I'm also an avid track creator on Mario Kart PC. Check out my account here.

My Creations

  • Codename: HEADSPACE: My first released track. I tried to theme it after HEADSPACE from Omori (key word being tried). I'll update it eventually to fix some bugs and make it look better.
  • Lumity Landing: Track I made with MackerelDude123 for the 7th CT Jelly, which is based on The Owl House. I was in charge of modeling it, and MackerelDude123 did all the technical stuff. We're currently working on an overhaul, because let's be honest, it wasn't very good XD

What I'm Working On

  • The multitude of goofy designs I've made over the years, namely Thwomp Stronghold at the moment.
  • I'm doing a collab with Sanic9kvr, so watch out for that soon.
By the same author: PyraminxStar

Custom Tracks:

Competition Tracks:
Lumity Landing

In-Progress Custom Tracks:
Thwomp Stronghold

Mario Kart: Super Track Pack