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Welcome to SenhGaming&Glitches' page! His YouTube Channel is Ebola☆Bunny. His name haven't been decided yet. His custom tracks are now either delayed or canceled due to him changing his computer and kinda losing all his tracks. He will get the tracks when he have time to go on his old computer and get the tracks back and put it in his new computer.

Mii: 2f2q1k8eai7dm normal face.png
YouTube: Ebola☆Bunny
Miiverse: SenhGaming
Twitch: SenhGamingandGlitches
Everyplay SenhGamingandGlitches
By the same author: SenhGaming&Glitches

Unfinished Custom Tracks:
SNES Rainbow Road (On Hold/Cancel?) — GCN Rainbow Road (On Hold/Cancel?)

YouTube Channel: