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Avatar: Martinkwii avatar 1.jpg
Nicknames: ☆Μαπtίη◇, Titoun
Country France
Mario Kart Wii FC: 1036-7934-6968
Twitter: @Martin42.Laurent
YouTube: Martinkwii
Skype martinkwii
MKW forum Martinkwii
Custom Tracks in progress : Toad's Golf

Titoun Island

His name is Martin, he is new in the wiki. He often plays Mario Kart Wii and he is creating custom tracks. Do not hesitate to correct his pages, whether it is for the spelling or the computing (he isn't really good in english). Don't forget to check his youtube channel :)

By the same author: Martinkwii

Custom Tracks:
Toad's Golf

Custom Battle Arenas:
Titoun Island