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Avatar: JoeeyTheDino's Avatar.png
Age: 15
Country: UK
Language: English
Skype: joeeytd


Hi! I'm JoeeyTheDino, and I'm a 15 year old Mario enthusaiast from the UK. I am friendly towards everyone and I am not afraid to enhance my knowledge on CTs or help others to do so! My current projects can be seen below. Feel free to ask any questions through Skype, or on the forums.

Custom Tracks

So far, I have released Pyro Circuit RC2.11 and, more recently Parkland Ridge (v1.91). I have many projects that I am working on, however, which will all be released soon.

Custom Distributions

I am a team member of Bradley, Joeey & Mini's Speed Mod Pack, which is a speed mod distribution.

I have released the 2.5x Speed Mod Pack and Wine's CT Pack Mod Pack, and fixed them with the help of MiniPut.

By the same author: JσεεуTD

Custom Tracks:
Parkland Ridge (v2.0 series)Pyro Circuit (update coming soon)

2.5x Speed Mod PackWine's CT Pack Mod Pack