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Avatar: Joeeytfox's Profile Picture (as of May 24th, 2018).jpeg
Age: 18
Country: UK
Languages: English & Spanish (to an extent)
Discord: @joeeytfox#8055


Hey everyone, I'm joeeytfox, an 18-year old speedrunner and MKW modder from the UK. I first joined the Wiiki back in 2015 with the release of Pyro Circuit, before going on to revamp my old friend Mike15,000vr's track Parkland Ridge. Since then, I've taken a hiatus from the game, but I've decided to return in early 2018.


At the moment I'm working on an update to Pyro Circuit in order to revamp it to today's standards. I plan on doing the same with Parkland Ridge too. I'm also working on a top-secret collaboration, but besides that, I have no plans for CTs.

Other Stuff

Back in 2015, I released the 2.5x Speed Mod Pack and Wine's CT Pack Mod Pack with the help of a few good friends of mine. I also do not have any ideas for any other custom distributions, nor will I endeavour to make one. Quite simply, I just don't have the time nor patience anymore.

By the same author: joeeytfox

Custom Tracks:
Parkland Ridge (v2.0 series)Pyro Circuit (update coming soon)

2.5x Speed Mod PackWine's CT Pack Mod Pack