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Currently, some files can not be used because Dropbox files can not be accessed. I'm using Google Drive instead, but some files have not been completely repaired because I replaced my PC. Once the target file can be repaired, we will update the link. apologize to people who are trying to download my specific course.
ctlgmb mkw
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Hello. I'm ctlgmb mkw. Mii name is CTWW★lgmb and ctlgmb.  I'm Japanese custom track creater. I mainly, are creating a CT, texture hack, the model hack.

ようこそ、ここは私が公開しているCT(CC)一覧です。よろしければ ご覧になってください。

My Custom Tracks

Name Status Available
Big World Way V1.5
Desert Castle Raceway V1.6
Yoshi Mountain V1.2
Big Nature City V1.3
Forest Island V1.1
WF Wuhu Island β2
Big Express City v1.4
Rainbow Float Land v1.0

My Custom Characters

Name Status Available
Isabelle V1.0