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Mii: AlphaFlame Mii1.PNG
Discord: AlphaFlame#9629
Discord Server: No Cane No Gain™
Not Mario Kart Wii related.
YouTube: AlphaFlame

About Me

I have been playing Mario Kart Wii since Christmas of 2009 and I have been a part of the custom Mario Kart Wii community since around August of 2017. I enjoy updating and creating custom tracks although recently, I have not been releasing content consistently. My custom Mario Kart Wii work is listed at the bottom of this page.

Some of my custom track work...

My update of Petite City ⬇️
Yoshi's Island (Beta 2) ⬇️
My update of Blue Sky Beach ⬇️
By the same author: AlphaFlame

Custom Track Distributions:
Alpha's Track Mix

Collaborations and Contributions (Custom Track Distributions):
Variety PackCustom Kart WiiLegacy Kart Wii

Custom Track Edits / Updates:
Festival TrackDelfino VillageBlue Sky BeachMoo Moo IslandBlue Mushroom SkyPetite CityNegative Land

Custom Tracks:
Crunk Cheetos CircuitYoshi's Island

Custom Characters:
Lapiz YoshiFunky Kong on Magikruiser

April Fools' Releases:
Tropical Manege