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Hi my name is aidan190903,I am 15 years old and I am a British Custom Track creator. I love Mario Kart Wii and Custom Tracks, and have a lot of ideas that will soon be released, like Dragon Mines, Coconut Factory and many more! And watch out for some unexpected surprises along the way...

Discord: aidan190903#3477
YouTube: Youtube

My Custom Tracks

Name Version Information
Paradise Gardens 1.1 A collaboration with ANoob - Designed by Me
Rainbow Runway Beta 2 A collaboration with ANoob - Designed by Me
Carlisle Castleway Alpha A castle course
Yoshi's Woolly Raceway 1.0 A track based off of Yoshi's Woolly World, including a large world with wool and thread everywhere. Despite a large world, it will be generically basic track design, going through fields, caves and then back to a little village and the start line.

Upcoming Tracks

Name Release Information
Cave Kingdom ??? Name to be determined, a plan to have the racers drive though a mine and then into a huge natural world and dive into the water, before jumping off of a waterfall, into the mines to a crystal area and then back to the mines and starting area - Possibly a 1 or 2 lap track.
Trefoil Turn ??? Course will be a lava/ruined factory course. The track will be in the shape of the radioactive symbol - Trefoil - and there will be a few corner cuts and hidden shortcuts placed around the simple track.
Peach's Castle Circuit ??? A course based around Peach's Castle
Mushroom Mall ??? A shopping centre/mall themed course
CTRNF Adventure Rally ??? A course that will be the entire Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled Adventure Mode maps (Yes, all five) rolled into one large rally track, including each section to have the portals and areas that would lead to other areas and challenges.
Bowser Jr.'s Fort ??? A remake of the original course. A model has already been made and KcL is currently being made also. This remake will feature newer textures, more alternate routes, a new garden section and a castle wall section before wrapping around to the start outside the actual castle.

Delayed Projects

Name Release Information
BBR Shark Harbour ??? Due to newly discovered problem, production has been stopped and the project has been scrapped and started again.
By the same author: Aidan190903