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Hi my name is Aidan190903, and i am 15 years old. I love Mario Kart, and Nintendo, i always have been and now, i am creating, YAY! I already have a released custom track, a collab with ANoob, great CT Creator, and i also have more in production, some Beach Buggy Racing tracks (1 and 2), a Doctor Who themed custom track and a few more surprises along the way...

Discord: Aidan190903#3477
YouTube: Youtube

My Custom Tracks

Name Version Information
Paradise Gardens 1.0 A collaboration with ANoob - Designed by Me
Rainbow Runway Beta 2 A collaboration with ANoob - Designed by Me

Upcoming Tracks

Name Release Information
BBR Crab Cove ??? A remake of Crab Cove from Beach Buggy Racing by Vector Unit, like Shipwreck Reef and Shark Harbour, in a future release will feature correct Beach Buggy Racing textures - Modelling and texturing done, details will be added and then made playable.
Carlisle Castleway ??? This will be a track based off of a castle near the author and will include parts of the city also.
Moonview Highstreet ??? This will be a follow up track based off of the city surround Carlisle Castleway. And will feature Carlisle Castleway as decoration.
Crafted Circuit ??? A track based off of Yoshi's Woolly World, including a large world with wool and thread everywhere. Despite a large world, it will be generically basic track design, going through fields, caves and then back to a little village and the start line.
Wii U Animal Crossing ??? Modelling has begun and will soon add textures

Delayed Projects

Name Release Information
BBR Shark Harbour ??? Due to newly discovered problem, production has been stopped and the project has been scrapped and started again.
By the same author: Aidan190903

Custom Tracks:
Paradise GardensRainbow Runway