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Very nice track! But I think that the contrast between road and lake is to small. Perhaps raise the water level.
Wiimm 11:05, 20 April 2011 (CEST)

What do you mean?
Igorseabra4 18:09, 20 April 2011 (CEST)
I mean it's hard to see the lake areas. If you raise the water surface upto the ground level you can see the lake areas much better.
Wiimm 20:35, 20 April 2011 (CEST)
I don't see any problem with that. The only thing I could think it's bad it's the texturing. Not only the difference between the road and offroad is too small, but also the textures are just way too realistic. People don't like realistic stuff like that. The realisticiness doesn't match with the dinosaur that's riding around it in a bike. Got my point?
Igorseabra4 03:12, 21 April 2011 (CEST)

required slot

Another question: I use it on slot 6.1 sherbet land. I don't know why but I think I read it anywhere. But here there is no such info.
Wiimm 10:16, 21 April 2011 (CEST)

It only reads there because of the penguins. I might make a release without them, to replace any track.
Igorseabra4 15:26, 21 April 2011 (CEST)
For ct distributions it is not bad to have alternatives for the special slots.
Wiimm 15:32, 21 April 2011 (CEST)