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Hello Minecrafteer3, I've always liked the GBA Peach Circuit retro track, so with that in mind, I noticed quite a few things that could use fixing.

  • The track itself looks like its in mirror mode, I noticed a boost ramp facing the wrong direction. I decided to take that ramp into the out of bounds area and I respawned endlessly.
  • I can easily fix the road texture to something else if you would like, too many lines on this track.
  • Chain chomp is in a useless area, although I will admit yours is the only one that has it.
  • The shy guys are upside down.
  • Now this one is the most important thing, the castle is missing, and for me that is a big deal, that, IMO, makes the track Peach Circuit, without it, it might as well just be another retro track.

Looking forward to seeing an update! Huili (talk) 03:50, 14 September 2015 (UTC)

Sorry for the very late reply, but I would like it if you did fix the road texture. Thank you.