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Research talk for custom comps

Competitions are saved in the wc24dl.vff savegame file (wiiconnect24download, get it?). They are saved in the following format (example from GBA BC3 comp), for easy talk, we call those 3 sections together a .rkc file: Nothing is confirmed yet as no custom one loaded succesfull.

RKCT (0x10 bytes), the main header:

RKCT-unknown-length of header-unknown

RKCO (0x3C bytes), critical information.






contains an Yaz0 compression (aka szs file). This contains a kmp file, AIparam (when used), sometimes a model file, itemtable (fireballs of dry bowser, special items in certain positions). It's a very small file of 3-7 kB.

Text is saved at the beginning of the file. --Vulcanus2 22:22, 21 March 2011 (CET)

I've tested if this completely controls the competition: Answer: yes, at least how you play it, the text is at the start (I need to drive a current comp on this licence to test if they have different comp ID's)

I'll make .rkc files for every ripped tournament by pati. So you can play the competitions in COMPETITION MODE!!!. (it still requires hex editing)

3rd byte after RKCO is the course ID (following common.bmg), I can confirm it with the following fact: TF has 04, looking in bmg gives TF=04 : Match! rBC3 has 1E, looking in bmg gives rBC3=1E : Match! rBC has 1C, looking in bmg gives rBC=1C : Match!

I think 3 matches is enough to confirm that byte is the course ID.

Thanks for confirming this, I didn't manage to find the real ids yet but noticed that part in TF.
I'm going to work on a competition on Space Road with stargates of course :p
kHacker35000vr 19:33, 22 March 2011 (CET)