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Avatar: Miles5x5's profile picture.png
YouTube: Natani
Twitch: NataniLIVE
Twitter: @iam_wles
Discord: My Track Testing Server
Openhost: 4773-4169-9174

Twitch streamer and MKWii modder. I sometimes like to update tracks. I also go by Logan. (Not the WR Logan)

Tracks I've created / updated

Track Version(s)
N64 Rainbow Road: Lunar Edition v1.3
Water Wood v2.0 beta
Icy Mountaintop v0.6
Sunset Circuit v3.0-beta
Excitebike Adventure v1.3
GBA Bowser Castle 2 v1.0

Discord Server

For those who are interested in my work, or are just into track testing in general, I have a Discord server just for that. Keep it mind that it has no affiliation with CTGP-R or any of it's track testers, and is simply just a server I made for my own personal work, and hopefully helping others test their work more easily.

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