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I'm James. I was born in 2001 and I enjoy creating custom tracks, missions, and competitions. I've played this game since release. I am very new to custom tracks but am trying to get better at the moment. Hopefully, I can make some great tracks in the future.


Name Latest Update Current Status Newest Update Plans
Variety Pack v1.41 Released Complete rework including
  • Channel
  • New ISO patcher
  • New modes
  • 300+ tracks
Variety Pack Lite v2 Released


  • Mission Mode
  • Reworked kartParam.bin
Block Plaza (Race) v1.01 Released N/A
Bumper's Battle Base Beta 2 Released Visual Overhaul
Bumper's Roundabout v2.0 Released N/A
N64 Skyscraper (Race) v1.01 Released N/A
GCN Cookie Land (Race) v1.01 Released N/A
DS Twilight House (Race) v1.01 Released N/A
Delfino Pier (Race) v1.03 Released N/A
Fireclay Fortress N/A WIP Finish texturing and complete SZS.