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(My Custom Tracks)
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! width="1%" | Name
! width="1%" | Name
! width="1%" | Status
! width="1%" | Status
| [[3DS DK Jungle (Wexos & Crile)]]
| RC1 released, My best Custom track
| [[N64 Choco Mountain (Horsti12, Crile & Multimariokartds)]]
| [[N64 Choco Mountain (Horsti12, Crile & Multimariokartds)]]

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Avatar: Crile avatar.png
Skype: crilecool

Random Information

Hey!!! My name is Crile. I'm 15 years old & I come from Sweden. I make shit tracks.

My Custom Tracks

Here is a list of all my CTs.
Name Status
3DS DK Jungle (Wexos & Crile) RC1 released, My best Custom track
N64 Choco Mountain (Horsti12, Crile & Multimariokartds) RC1 released
GBA Sky Garden (Crile & TheMetaPirate) Alpha, was made together with TheMetaPirate and Multimariokartds
Sherbet Land 2 v1.1 - This is my first CT ever on this Wiiki, and my worst CT too! :P
Mario's New Raceway Alpha - One of my best Custom Tracks, even if there's an ultra shortcut.
Candy Cane Circuit Beta - One of my worst CTs.
Horror Garden Beta - This is just a ripoff....
Rooftop Raceway Beta - Not... very... good... lol
Pipe Mountain Beta - The model was made by IntoxicatedPyro

CTs I have fixed or helped with

lol :P
Name Status
Desert Raceway v2.0 - This CT is made by JorisMKW and I helped him to center the minimap.

Planned Custom Tracks

Here is a list of CTs that will be made by me (or together with someone).


  • No ports at the moment


No upcoming CTs yet.

Thanks for reading my Wiiki page! :P