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Mario Kart: Super Circuit is the third game in Nintendo's Mario Kart series. It was first released for the Game Boy Advance (GBA, AGB) in 2001, and was the sixth bestselling title for the system. Super Circuit utilizes Mode 7 graphics for its levels, while using sprites for characters and powerups and weapons, such as shells. Super Circuit was the first handheld version of Mario Kart and the first to include Retro tracks from previous entries in the series as it included all of the original Super Mario Kart courses.


* = this content appears in Mario Kart Wii as official Retro content

Much of Mario Kart: Super Circuit's visuals are taken from Mario Kart 64, such as playable character sprites, menu graphics, and concept art.


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Mario Kart: Super Circuit is the first entry in the series to feature courses from previous games. Unlike the modern definition of Retro content, however, the entirety of Super Mario Kart's track selection is available rather than select courses stored in "Retro Grand Prix" cups.

Grand Prix

Mario Kart: Super Circuit contains a total of forty playable racecourses, 20 of which are contained within the game's unlockable "Extra Cup" selection.

Extra Cup

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Note: tracks do not appear with the console "SNES" abbreviation in-game


Mario Kart: Super Circuit also contains an additional four stages for use in the game's battle mode, each themed after one of the race courses appearing in-game.


In the game exists data for four unused battle stages from Super Mario Kart. They are fully playable if loaded into the game.


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As Mario Kart: Super Circuit borrows its character selection and art from Mario Kart 64, it's the only character roster in the series in remain unaltered between titles.

There are eight playable drivers in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, none of which need to be unlocked:


Ported from Mario Kart: Super Circuit

A variety of content from Mario Kart: Super Circuit has been made available in Mario Kart Wii as custom content:

In addition to these, Mario Kart Wii already contains a variety courses, characters, and music tracks from this title as built-in Retro content.

Available in Mario Kart: Super Circuit

So far nothing substantial has been made available as custom content for Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

There exists methods to alter in-game sprites[1] and utilize various unused data, but beyond this there's no development.

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