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Choco Island 2 is a retro race course from Super Mario Kart. It is the second track of the Star Cup. It later reappeared in the Extra Cups of Mario Kart: Super Circuit, along with all the other SNES courses. Choco Island 2 made one more appearance in Mario Kart DS as the first track of the Lightning Cup.

Original Version
DS Version

Currently, there are four versions available:

List of available WBZ files:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: SNES Choco-Eiland 2
French: SNES Île Choco 2
German: SNES Schoko-Insel 2
Italian: SNES Cioccoisola 2
Japanese: SFC チョコレーとう2
Korean: SFC 초코 아일랜드2
Portuguese: SNES Ilha Chocolate 2
Russian: SNES Шоколадный остров 2
Spanish: SNES Isla Chocolate 2
Greek: SNES Νησί Σοκολάτας 2
Polish: SNES Czekoladowa Wyspa 2
Finnish: SNES Suklaasaari 2
Swedish: SNES Chokladön 2
Czech: SNES Čoko Ostrov 2
Danish: SNES Chokoladeøen 2