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Choco Island 2 is a retro race course from Super Mario Kart. It is the second track of the Star Cup. It later reappeared in the Extra Cups of Mario Kart: Super Circuit, along with all the other SNES courses. Choco Island 2 made one more appearance in Mario Kart DS as the first track of the Lightning Cup. It made its fourth appearance in Mario Kart Tour.

Original Version
DS Version
MKT Version (6:10)

Currently, there are four versions available:

List of available WBZ files:

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: SNES Choco-Eiland 2
French: SNES Île Choco 2
German: SNES Schoko-Insel 2
Italian: SNES Cioccoisola 2
Japanese: SFC チョコレーとう2
Korean: SFC 초코 아일랜드2
Portuguese: SNES Ilha Chocolate 2
Russian: SNES Шоколадный остров 2
Spanish: SNES Isla Chocolate 2
Greek: SNES 2ο Νησί Σοκολάτας
Polish: SNES Czekoladowa Wyspa 2
Finnish: SNES Suklaasaari 2
Swedish: SNES Chokladön 2
Czech: SNES Čoko Ostrov 2
Danish: SNES Chokoladeøen 2