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Hello, i am Zokemon_LP! Im 14 years old and Im from Germany. And You'll see (of course) mods here. Mostly i will create Texture Hacks for Tracks and Characters, so i can release my own texture pack someday. But i also plan, when i have enough time, custom characters and custom tracks. I'll also mod other games, so check my Gamebanana page out! Also, i made some Minecraft PE Textures etc. (in the app search for "Zokemon LP") Yea i think nothing more to say. But when you want to chat with me, want to join my Discord Server or need something, contact me! (PS: My english isnt the best... so forgive when my sentences are grammatically wrong or make no sense.

Zokemon LP
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Discord Tag: Zokemon_LP#7741
Discord Server: Zokemon LP's Discord
Gamebanana: Zokemon LP