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Hello, i am Zokemon_LP! Im 16 years old and Im from Germany. And You'll see (of course) mods here. Mostly i will create Texture Hacks for Tracks and Characters, so i can release my own texture pack someday. But i also plan, when i have enough time, custom characters and custom tracks. I'll also mod other games, so check my Gamebanana page out! Also, i made some Minecraft PE Textures etc. (in the app search for "Zokemon LP") Yea i think nothing more to say. But when you want to chat with me, want to join my Discord Server or need something, contact me!

Zokemon LP
Zokemon LP's Profile Picture.png
Discord Tag: Zokemon_LP#7741
Discord Server: Zokemon LP's Discord
Gamebanana: Zokemon LP
By the same author: Zokemon_LP

Custom Track:
Grassland Excitebike

Texture Hacks:
DS Backrooms HouseCandy GorgeDesert Galaxy