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Twitch: ZYoshi_0
Discord Server: Gaming With The Bois
Discord Tag: ZYoshi#5140
Youtube: ZYoshi


Hello! I am a MKWii Modder/Hacker. I have been playing MKWii ever since 2010, The First YT Channel of MKW I watched was TWD98. He is who got me into MKWii. Ever since he released the Gold Runner mod Creating by AtlasOmegaAlpha. I started to Wonder if Making my own MKWii Textures was possible. After alot of trial and error, i successfully made my first MKWii mod. Which was SNES Ice Valley 2. I made It back in May 2020, Then about a Year and a half later I made a Custom MKW Wiki Page for myself. Ever since then I started to make more and more mods for this game.


Mod Version Date Completion Percent Getting Updated?