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Avatar: Yosh.png
Discord yosh#0304
Youtube Yosh YTP

Hello ! I'm yosh. Happy to see you there ! I'm a Mario Kart Wii Player and Modder, I made some tournaments and also discovered a lot of things while making all of mines like the master lag if there are ~50+ ennemies groups with 1 point length each, or the thing that KMP objects can have animation with the object name. (whether or not they had one in original) And some others cool things :)

I don't think you realise what we can do with only 20kb ! That's amazing ! I like challenge like that

previous projects

3hours to test all battle item boxes settings (+1hour to design) Just Block Plaza but i stopped as i discovered itemslottable.slt
do a sheet for item boxes setting 2 with more than 59 in hex (that is useless yea) Google Sheet link Test all Unknown settings of KMP Objects Make Spikey topmen to appear

Holding Projects

  • Finish my mission pack (porting thoses on original tracks to competition also :p)
  • Discover All Mission modes into Competition mode,
  • Create a Race on Galaxy Colosseum Tournament
  • And also do some ports of tracks/battles that are not available / that are bad.